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03:36 Turn It Up M/V T O P
07:09 Roman "Turn It Up" "Intro Gd&Top" "Knock Out" TOP & GD MAMA SUB ESP
03:38 Turn It Up Han & Eng TOP
03:39 쩔어 Zutter M/V BIGBANG GD&T O P
00:29 Turn It Up Mv Teaser T O P BIGBANG
09:36 Gd Top Taeyang Live Mnet Awards
03:36 Gd Top Turn It Up Hd
03:28 뻑이가요 Knock Out Han & Eng GD & TOP
03:27 T O P Vs G Dragon Turn It Up To A Kind
38:43 Gd & Top Full Album G Dragon & T O P
03:34 Baby Good Night M/V GD&TOP
02:42 T O P "Turn It Up" GD World Tour Jakarta Indonesia OOAK
03:04 Gd Top Leaders Vs Turn It Up Mash Up
01:54 Turn It Up Speed Up Version Mv T O P
03:33 T O P Turn It Up English Music Video
02:59 T O P Turn It Up Dance Cover
03:53 Turn It Up Bonus Track mp3 & DL TOP